• mzt
  • Why ProductCamp Chicago?

    Learning, sharing ideas, developing networks and engaging with the product management community. Hear it first-hand from the June 19th 2010 participants.

    What’s ProductCamp?

    It’s the “unconference” because there are no fees, no pre planned agenda and absolutely no selling, ProductCamp is basically a set of round table discussions with product managers, marketers and whoever else is interested in the discipline.  It’s all about learning and expanding your horizons no matter where you are in your career.

    Why ProductCamp is Different

    When you go to ProductCamp, you’ll see that it’s user-sponsored in that the attendees get to choose the topics.  This means you determine your own destiny and drive the content to get the most out of your time. It’s dynamic and organic which makes it a great, unique way to learn new ideas, share your thought leadership, talk about your experiences, reconnect with colleagues, network with new ones, engage in thought provoking discussions, push the creativity envelope and have FUN!