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ProductCamp Chicago 2019

The Original Product Unconference

ProductCamp Chicago was started in 2008 as the Midwest’s version of the Silicon Valley original. Since then we have put on 10 unconferences, each with great keynote speakers and timely, original attendee-generated and selected content. We are now planning our 2019 event for March 30th and expect the highest attendance on record.

The idea behind the unconference is simple. The attendees of the original ProductCamp were tired of attending conferences with speakers whose presentations were thinly veiled sales pitches. If they were going to take a day out of their busy schedules, they wanted to learn about the current trends in the practice of Product Management, hear unique approaches to common product problems, and gain knowledge that they could apply on the very next working day. Enter ProductCamp – there is one keynote speaker, typically an author of a popular product book or other well-known Product Manager, followed by breakout sessions that are selected by the conference attendees and presented by their peers. 

The breakout sessions are typically where the true “ah-ha” moments happen. Breakouts can range from round table discussions focused on a popular topic to informal presentations by one or more attendees (which typically end up being an open discussion). The intent is to share knowledge openly and to help Product Managers foster a network of peers that they can leverage when they hit a wall in their daily jobs. Since Product Managers often work outside of a standard product practice, this network can improve their productivity and problem-solving abilities, while also serving as a Product Manager support group when times are tough.

ProductCamp Chicago is free to attend and sales pitches are not allowed. The focus is 100% on learning and knowledge sharing – it’s free training on all the hot topics in the industry. Outside of being a high-value training opportunity, the event is fun! We have great topics presented by interesting people, excellent food, raffles, and a happy hour at the end. 

Mark your calendars, and we hope to see you at ProductCamp Chicago 2019 on March 30th!