The organizers of this event are truly interested in bringing high quality Product-based events to Chicago and hope that you learn a ton from this event.  They also understand the value of a solid network to the Product Manager – with any luck, you will meet some great contacts to add to your circle.

The team that brought you this event is: 

David Radzialowski

Founder and Co-Organizer

Dave started ProductCamp Chicago in 2008 accidentally while looking for Product Management events in Chicago.  When he asked why there wasn’t a ProductCamp in Chicago on Twitter, Rich Mirinov told him to get one started.  So he did – with the help of an absolutely amazing crew of volunteers and some loyal sponsors.  Now that ProductCamp Chicago is 10 years old, Dave spends more time advising the current awesome volunteers and managing his product consulting practice – Third and 10 Product Consulting.  When he isn’t geeking out about pretty much anything product related, Dave is spending time with his family and restoring his 100-year-old house in Oak Park.


Ben Edmiston

President, ProductCamp Chicago, Self-Proclaimed Cat Herder 

Ben first encountered ProductCamp while living in Austin, TX, and loved the opportunity to connect with other product-minded people and to join a community that was passionate about maturing the craft. When Ben returned to his home state of Illinois, he looked to get plugged into a ProductCamp Chicago group, and soon connected with Dave and Nigel to help bring you this year’s event. Ben’s day job is as a Sr. Product Manager with Slalom Consulting. When he isn’t devouring any product book he can get his hands on, Ben is spending time with his family in Naperville (read as: chasing his toddler all over creation).


Nigel Caine


Nigel has been working in Product Management since 2010. He attended his first ProductCamp in 2011 and promptly starting volunteering to help organize subsequent ProductCamp events. Through ProductCamp events, Nigel has learned much about how Product Management is evolving, how it is practiced, and has formed many good relationships with his fellow Product Managers. Nigel is a Sr. Product Manager with Slalom Consulting. Off the clock, Nigel enjoys running, reading, and Steppenwolf theatre.