Four reasons to sign up for Product Camp Chicago

You’re in your office on a Thursday afternoon when a product manager co-worker of yours comes up to you to chat. Arun tells you he signed up for Product Camp Chicago’s event next month and asked if you were going. You don’t remember much about Product Camp, so you duck his reply and say you’ll get back to him later.

Product Camp Chicago, you think to yourself. You remember they hosted a summer event in 2015, but haven’t heard from them since. So, you wonder, what do I get by going? What's in it for me?

Consider these four reasons to go to Product Camp Chicago at Braintree on July 13th.

  1. Novelty. The attendees drive the evening. You like what see as a breakout session topic? Vote on it. Don’t see a topic on the list that should be? Submit one that you could lead. Because we drive the agenda, topics remain dynamic and relevant.

  2. Networking. Come meet new Product Managers across different domains, with different experience levels. We’re all one community and we’ve all come to learn.

  3. Price. The event costs $0, only your time, and you’ll make up for the time in networking with other product people.

  4. Place. Braintree’s office is beautiful. See for yourself. Better yet, see it in person by attending.

You get home from work and you’re sold. You’ve signed up for ProductCamp Chicago. You’re feeling great about meeting other Product people and learning more about the breakout sessions.

We’ll see you there.

Lino Jimenez

Organizer, Product Camp Chicago